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Top Languages to Learn for Traveling

Traveling to a city or country is easy as long as you have the resources to do so. However, enjoying your time while traveling depends on your ability to communicate with the people at that location. However, you can only interact with them if you understand the language they speak.

Whatever language you know, millions of people converse using various other languages. Yet, it is not feasible for you to learn all the languages in the world. But you can learn a handful of commonly used ones. This article explores some of the top languages to learn for traveling.


Well, the fact that you can read this article means you understand English. it also means you probably know how to speak and write in it. Nearly 20 percent of the world’s population speak it as either a first or a second language. Therefore, understanding English means you can communicate with thousands of individuals at airports and security stations in almost all countries, which is a must for travel. Nevertheless, each English-speaking country has a slightly different dialect of this language. Also, vocabularies may differ widely from location to location. So, it will not hurt you to learn the most popular slang and vocabulary used in English-speaking countries you are planning on visiting. Doing this will help you fit in and communicate better with the locals.


There are nearly 1.3 billion people considered as Chinese native speakers. Within the Chinese speakers are people who speak either Cantonese, Mandarin, or both dialects. Hence, learning this language can help you communicate effectively with hundreds of people if you happen to travel to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian territories. It can also come in handy when you find yourself in Chinatown. Additionally, this language is becoming a dominant force as the Chinese economy expands.

Unlike other languages, Chinese characters are written differently. Your ability to learn and use these characters can make your travel through many Asian countries easier. Plus, you may get to increase your creativity as you learn.


Hindi is predominately spoken in India, Pakistan, and the Indian Subcontinent. It is also used in other parts of the world due to immigration. If you intend to travel to the Indian Subcontinent, it will benefit you if you understand Hindi. There are at least a billion people around this region that speak this language.


Spanish is another language spoken by nearly 500 million people. Just like English, Spanish has spread to many locations around the world. Countries like Spain, Mexico, and Argentina all have Spanish as the official language. It will be helpful to understand some Spanish when visiting these locations and most of South America. Learning the language is the best way to connect with Spanish-speaking communities.


Arabic is spoken mostly in the Middle East and parts of Northern Africa. However, there are different dialects of this language in each location. Although English is generally understood in most of these countries, learning Arabic can help you better connect with the locals. But you need to make sure you learn the right dialect for the location you plan to go to.


German is mostly spoken in Germany. It is the official language in five other countries within Europe, which include Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. Although German sounds difficult, it is relatively easy to learn. You can use literary translation services if you plan to send business documents to Germany or countries where it is the official language.


Human beings around the world rely on language to communicate. At the moment, English is the most spoken language in the world. Other popular languages include Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, and German. It will be helpful for you to learn any of these five languages when traveling to locations where these languages are spoken. Learning a new language is always a good idea. When traveling, you feel more comfortable and better able to experience the country if you can speak its language. So, don’t hesitate and get ready for a new linguistic journey!

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