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The Ultimate Palawan Guide

Palawan seems to win the best island in the world perennially, and that is for very good reason! Truly one of the most beautiful places on earth, with two of the best tourist areas of the Philippines, amazing island hopping, and some of the best mangoes in the world (trust me).

Here’s our ultimate guide to travelling around Palawan:

Where is Palawan?

Palawan, or to give its official title, the Province of Palawan, is a Filipino island and part of the Republic of the Philippines. It is in the MIMAROPA area of the country and is the biggest province in the Philippines.

What is the capital city of Palawan?

Puerto Princessa is the capital city of Palawan and is excellently located, and a vibrant up and coming city.

What is there to do in Palawan?

There are so many things to do when you visit Palawan, so we will merely list the highlights of a tour to Palawan (in our humble opinion).

Assuming you’ve landed in Puerto Princessa, the UNESCO site, the Palawan Underground River is one of the most amazing things in the area, literally an underground river full of wildlife and trippy natural stuff.

Island Hopping in El Nido

We run a yearly trip to El Nido for a bit of island hopping, essentially El Nido is full of tropical paradises that can be visited by boat, so that is what we do, we charter a boat and go visit islands while drinking!

Staying on Nacpan Beach

You genuinely get one of the best sunsets in the world on this beach, and while it is no longer the secret it once was, it is still very much worth a visit.

Visiting Coron

In my opinion, Coron is nowhere near as nice as El Nido, but it is still amazing, if not slightly more touristy. Some beautiful hotels located on beautiful islands, and again the chance to do island hopping plus beer!

Can I buy an Island on Palawan?

Long story short, yes, you very much can! Our friends at let’s Buy an Island have now purchased Coffee Island in Belize, but they previously looked at Nici Island, and the vast Malaipo Island.

Nobody one knows where Coronavirus will take us this year, but we are still planning our yearly trip for the coming October holiday join us!

There you have it our Ulitmate Guide to Palawan. Click here to contact us for more information regarding our Palawan Tour.

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