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The Top Selling Drinks in the World

What are The Top Selling Drinks in the World? We recently did a blog on the top-selling beer in the world (I won’t ruin the surprise here), but what are the top-selling drinks in the world in other categories? Let us explore!

At Young Pioneer Tours we famously do like a drink! This lets us to go looking at the Worlds Best Selling Beer, and also randomly the 7th best selling. This got us thinking about other categories, best-selling liquor in the world? Most popular rum in the world?

Well, it turns out we opened a labyrinth of information that both shocked and dismayed us!

What is the best selling beer in the world?

The world’s best-selling beer should not be confused with the “best beer in the world.” The world’s best-selling beer is called Snow from China. You can read more about it here, but to cut a long story short, it is not very good. Why is Snow the best selling beer in the world? Quite simply because China has so many people.

Top selling drinks – What is the best selling liquor in the world?

This is a fascinating one, and it will be split into two categories, best selling “type” and best-selling brand, both of which throw up two different answers.

The top-selling form of liquor in the world is Bai Jiu, in case you are not aware of what Bai Jiu is, it is rice “wine,” or literally translated “white wine.” It is not white wine; it is super strong and crazy, and the Chinese drink an awful lot of it. Madly no Chinese rice wine makes the top ten as there are simply so many brands in China.

What is the best selling liquor brand in the world?

The biggest selling liquor brand in the world is Jinro Soju. Now, whilst we love Soju and are huge advocates of drinking Soju, this still surprised us a lot! Jinro sells 70 million-plus cases a year (more than double its closes rival). Most of this is sold in Korea ( the Koreans love a drink), but in the last 5 years, there has been an enormous sea change in global habits, and you can now thankfully buy Soju the world over. Hurrah for Soju.

Global Cases sold – 70+ Million

What is the best selling Vodka in the world?

OK, so can you guess the best selling vodka in the world? Yeah, you can, it is Smirnoff. Smirnoff isn’t Russian; either it is American.

Global cases sold – 25.5 million

What is the best selling brandy in the world?

OK, we will give you 5 minutes to think about this. Think of all the excellent French brandies, even not French ones. OK, the best selling brandy in the world is Emperador of the Philippines. Famous as the drink of the not so rich, and really not very nice to be fair. Mostly drank in the Philippines, it turns out the Filipinos really like a drink as this is also the 3rd biggest brand in the world.

Global cases sold – 28 million cases (Videoke anyone)?

What is the best selling Whisky in the world?

Again if you were given hours to think about this (without cheating), you’d be unlikely to get the right answer, no it is not North Korean whisky. It turns out Indians like whisky a lot, with 4 Indian whiskies making the top 10. The winner, though? Officers Choice, which far from only enticing officers, also gets 40% of market share in India.

Cases sold – 32 million and SECOND biggest brand in the world

Best selling rum in the world?

I consider myself a rum connoisseur, and to get the answer here, you could come up with all many fine rums, Havana Club, Mount Gay, Barbencourt, hell even the mostly awful Bacardi, but no, none of the above. The world’s best-selling rum in Tanduay Rum of the Philippines. This is why they call themselves the world’s best rum. They are not the world’s best rum. Again largely sold just in The Philippines, which goes to show how much they like to drink.

Global cases sold – 18 million

And that is the YPT guide to the best selling booze in the world! I am sure this is one we may well expand on later, but did we miss anything out?

Many of these drinks can be enjoyed on our tours, such as Tanduay and Emperedor in Palawan, Jinro on our All Koreas Tour and in Cuba, we visit the Bacardi Building, but we drink Havana Club.

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