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The Top 5 Reasons to visit Vanuatu

Vanuatu is one of the favourite parts of our yearly Least Visited Countries Tour there are a lot of reasons for this! Vanuatu might not fall into the “least visited” category, there are a lot of tourists, but it offers natural beauty, wonderful people, and even active freaking volcanoes!

Here’s why you should visit Vanuatu in 2020!

5) Vanuatu has the best Kava in the world

OK, so I started with a narcotic rather than actual stuff to do, but you will really learn about Vanuatuan culture in one of the many “nakamals”, or Kava bars that litter the nation. These places pop up nightly (link to Street Food Guy), with many offering snacks, and beautiful sunsets, as you get mildly intoxicated on shells of kava.

4) Exploring village life in Vanuatu

Vanuatuans are extremely friendly, and on our tours, we usually arrange at least one dinner in one of the many villages that are throughout the outskirts of Port Vila. Our hosts hail from Tanna Island, and visiting the village is a real eye-opener, with great food, beautiful scenery, fruit growing everywhere, and a real understanding of Vanuatuan culture.

3) Staying at Hideaway Resort

This is one of our favourite hotels on the planet. Located a mere 15 minutes from the centre of Port Vila, it is a private island resort full of beautiful villas, great food, fantastic island views, diving, and even the world-famous underwater post office!

2) Helicopter Rides in Port Vila

On our tours to Vanuatu, we offer the chance for a one-hour helicopter ride to the extinct volcano near Tanna Island. The journey begins by boat to the helicopter moored in the sea (already cool), before you jump on and fly off! Initially, you are treated to great views of Hideaway Resort, amazing views of Etafe Island, Port Vila Airport, and even returning via the canyons, and jungle of Vanuatu. Truly epic!

1) Private flight over Mt Yasur Volcano

It is possible to visit Mount Yasur by staying on Tanna Island. Still, we personally prefer to board our private four-seater plane, fly around an ACTIVE volcano before landing at the airport in Tanna, and then spending a day exploring the area. What is it like to see an active volcano up close and personal? Very intense!

To see Vanuatu for yourself, jump on one of our great tours! Get in touch for more details.

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