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The Penis Museum Reykjavik


The Penis Museum Reykjavik, or to give it its full title, “The Icelandic Phallological Museum” (certainly not the bell-end museum), is one of those rather bizarre but must-see sites.

At YPT, we do like a good museum, so we have decided to do a series of the best museums we visit on our travels. Therefore we had to include this one.

What Is the Penis Museum?

The museum itself is “probably” the only museum dedicated to the different phallic shapes of all animal penises from a single country. We think they are probably liberal with the word probably. We have been unable to find something similar on our travels thus far.

The museum thus houses over 200 penises, parts of penises, or models of the penises found across the Republic of Iceland’s mammals.

History of the Penis Museum?

Basically, in the mid 70’s the curator of the museum kind of got a thing for the penises of animals. Word got around, and then his friends started bringing him the penises of whales and the like. The collection got so big he decided to make a museum. Now while this might be an abridged version of the history, it is also basically true.

Can I Visit the Penis Museum With Young Pioneer Tours?

In 2019 YPT ran our first tour to Greenland, which necessitates a stay in Iceland. If you are confused about which country is which, I’ll explain. Iceland is really green, whilst Greenland is real icy. I hope that clears things up.

We are currently planning to return to Iceland and Greenland in 2022 and plan on including the penis museum. We will also be one again trying the legendary hakarl, famously one of the world’s most rank dishes.

To read more about hakarl, click here or check out our Greenland itinerary, click here.

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