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The Moroccan Flag

The Moroccan flag is easily recognizable with its simple design and bright red color. If you’re geeky and know a bit of vexillology (study of flags) you’ll know that flags with simple and easily recognizable designs are more likely to be popular among the culture it represents. This flag doesn’t disappoint!

Intro to the Moroccan flag

From the 17th century until 1915, Morocco used a simple, plain red flag with no insignia. The red stands for bravery and strength. Green stands for Islam, love, wisdom, peace, and joy. The five points of the star stand for the five pillars of Islam, the seal of Solomon, as well as freedom and truth. That’s a lot of symbolism for a simple design, isn’t it? That’s what makes it special.

The current red design traces its roots to the Prophet Mohammed himself, through Fatima. The royal Alaouite dynasty which is currently reigning Morocco under King Mohammed VI, claims their legitimacy through this lineage and expresses it with red. While under French and Spanish rule, the current Moroccan flag was not allowed to be flown outside of Morocco. A colonial replacement was used instead. It wasn’t until 1956 that the Kingdom of Morocco gained full independence, that the current flag with a green pentagram was in full official use.

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