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The Flag of Mali

The Modern Form Flown Today

The flag of the Republic of Mali consists of three vertical stripes of green, yellow, and red. These are the pan-African colors and are also found on flags of other  African nations such as Ghana, Guinea, and Senegal. In fact, this flag is the same color scheme as the flag of Guinea, just the colors are reversed.

The meaning behind the colors are as follows:

Green: Mali’s natural beauty and agriculture

Yellow: wealth and mineral resources

Red: The blood that was shed for independence from France.

Flag of Mali: The Mali Federation

The flag above was the original flag proposed in 1959-1960 when the Mali Federation broke away from France. In the center is the Kanaga symbol. This was brought over from the colonial flag. This was later removed under intense pressure from Mali’s mostly Muslim population, as they were against human depictions in art.

Formally known as French Sudan, this design above is what represented Mali. French Sudan was part of a larger area which was then French West Africa.

Let’s go way back!

Let’s skip to the classical flag of Mali: the flag of the Mali Empire itself! Yes, this is the Empire of the great Mansa Musa; one of the wealthiest men to have ever lived. This Empire is where the Republic of Mali gets its name. It included modern day Timbuktu and Gao. By the way, do you want to know why we say,”From here to Timbuktu”? Click here.

Flag of Mande

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