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YPT: Soviet Europe – Full Time Tour Guide and Marketing Manager

Young Pioneer Tours’ love of Russia and Eastern Europe first started when we came up with the somewhat optimistic idea of a tour covering every single country of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc. The idea turned into reality with our Eurasian Adventure tour, but as we got to know the regions deeper we have expanded further into this paradise of urban exploration, unrecognised countries and frozen conflict zones.

YPT has pioneered travel to the unrecognised countries of the region, and having just completed our first tour to South Ossetia can now claim to have visited them all. We have also developed more and more comprehensive itineraries for Chernobyl, the Caucasus and the Balkans, as well as Russia itself.

We are now setting up an office to deal specifically with YPT Soviet Europe, and need a full time tour guide and marketing manager.

We will provide:

– Basic salary plus generous commissions on sales, marketing and Soviet Europe tours

– Accommodation in our company flat

– Opportunities to develop: as YPT Soviet Europe grows, so does your position

– Working as part of a team that involves offices in Beijing, Xi’an, Dandong, Almaty and Dakar.

What we need:

– Fluent English and Russian speaker

– Communication and people skills, you don’t necessarily need to have guiding experience, but you need the right kind of character for it

– Self-motivated and with initiative, and able to develop our product, as well as marketing and sales

Send your CV and cover letter to

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