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Sonbong County – North Korea Guide

Introduction to Sonbong County

Sonbong County — formerly known as Unggi — is a county in the North-East of North Korea that, combined with the town of Rajin, makes up the special economic zone of Rason.

It borders both China and Russia, and allegedly has a uranium mine in the area. Although we have no idea if this is true, or not. The town is one of the most open to tourists in the country.

The Railway Station

Sonbong Railway Station was built in 1929 by the Choson Government Railway, and represents one of the finest Imperial Japanese railway stations in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, although it is rare for tourists to visit (we have visited it).

Sonbong is home to many former revolutionary sites and some of the more popular hotels in the Rason area.

What is there to do in Sonbong County?

There is less to do in Sonbong than in Rajin, but you will certainly spend some time here if you do a Rason tour.

To see what Sonbong and indeed a Rason tour is all about check out our very definitive guide to the area.

What is there to eat in Sonbong?

There are a few good restaurants here, mostly linked to hotels. To read the Rason Food Guide click here.

Administrative divisions of Sonbong

It is divided into the following administrative divisions:

Sŏnbong-gun (선봉군; 先鋒郡)

    Sŏnbong-ŭp (선봉읍/先鋒邑)

    Tuman’gang-rodongjagu (두만강로동자구/豆滿江勞動者區)

    Ungsang-rodongjagu (웅상로동자구/雄尙勞動者區)

    Chosal-li (조산리/造山里)

    Hahoe-ri (하회리/下檜里)

    Hayŏp’yŏng-ri (하여평리/下汝坪里)

    Hongŭi-ri (홍의리/洪儀里)

    Kulp’o-ri (굴포리/屈浦里)

    Paekhang-ri (백학리/白鶴里)

    Pup’o-ri (부포리/鮒浦里)

    Sahoe-ri (사회리/四會里)

    Uam-ri (우암리/牛岩里)

    Wŏnjŏng-ri (원정리/元汀里)

Sonbong and the Rason SEZ

Sonbong County can be visited by any of many tours that take in the Rason Special Economic Zone, our All Koreas Tour, as well as the Real Deal Tour.

We also take part in the Rason International Trade Fair that traditionally takes place in Sonbong County during the middle part of August each year. The trade fair attracts businesses and travelers from throughout the world.

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