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Somali Flag


YPT are regular visitors to the unrecognized, although stable Republic of Somaliland. Somaliland might be internationally unrecognized, but they do all the country stuff, such as having a flag. Somalia and Somaliland are though very different creatures, so today, we will look at the Somali flag.

For an explanation of the differences between Somalia and Somaliland click here.

For an explanation on the flag of Somaliland, click here.

The Somali Flag

Somali Flag

One of the most straightforward and easy to remember flags the flag of Somalia consists of a single white five-pointed star centred on a light blue field.

It was created in 1954 when Somalia was going through decolonization leading up to eventual independence. It was the flag flown when the different parts of Somalia were eventually granted their independence.

What Does the Somali Flag Mean?

he flag of Somalia is an ethnic flag. The five-pointed white Star of Unity in its center represents the areas where the Somali ethnic group has traditionally resided, namely Djibouti, Somaliland, the Ogaden region in Ethiopia, the North Eastern Province in Kenya, and southern Somalia.

The meaning has since retroactively and “officially” been changed to remove references to lands in other countries, but it is generally accepted that the meaning has not actually changed.

It is also the flag used by groups seeking a “Greater Somalia,” which would include all lands in other countries with a Somali population.

Islamic Courts Union

For a brief period, Somalia was run by the Al Qaida linked Islamic Courts Union who used a black Islamic type affair, which you can see below.

Islamic courts union

We don’t currently visit the Federal Republic of Somalia, but we do have yearly trips to the Republic of Somaliland.

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