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Siem Reap Closes Ahead of Possible Lockdown

Since the Kingdom of Cambodia government decided to close their borders to incoming tourists on the 31st of March, 2020, Siem Reap – a city most famous for having tourists flock within the millions each year to Angkor Wat, has been left as a ghost town as local bars, tourist markets, walking streets and museum attractions close down.

1. Pub Street located in the heart of Siem Reap has been forced to close due to new government regulations

2. Angkor Wat which usually sees around 2.6 million tourists a year is now left desolated

3. Siem Reap Tourist Market closed down and left totally empty

4. Side stalls closed along tourist market walking street

5. Shops forced to close leaving locals without any income for the foreseeable future

6. This market has around 50 stores dedicated to gifts and souvenirs for tourists visiting Siem Reap

7. The majority of delicious street food stalls have closed until further notice

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