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Pyongyang Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery – DPRK Guide


The Pyongyang Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery, also known as the National Martyrs’ cemetery, sits on Mt, Taesong, on the outskirts of Pyongyang. The Martyr’s cemetery is where the graves of people important to the Anti-Japanese revolution are located. Each grave is topped with a bronze bust of the individual that was made by the famous Mansudae Art Studio.

At the entrance to the cemetery, there is a grand Korean Style gate, and at the foot of all the busts is one large hero medal to recognize the many buried who were not able to receive their due. Behind the main busts at the top of the hill is a large red flag carved from Granite.

The cemetery was completed in 1975 and expanded in 1985, and it covers 30 hectares. Interestingly although it was built for those who fought in the Anti-Japanese struggle, many of them did not pass away during that time and so were buried there once they had passed on.

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Notable People buried at the Revolutionary Martyrs’ cemetery.

Kim Jong Suk

The wife of President Kim Il Sung and Mother Of Kim Jong Il, who is said to have served as Kim Il Sung’s Bodyguard during the war and been a crack shot.

Kim Chaek

A general and guerilla fighter whom Kim Il Sung later said was his closest friend. He has the honour of being the only person to have a city named after him, the town of Kimchaek in North Hamgyong province, which was his birthplace.

Kim Chaek

Kang Pan Sok

The Mother of President Kim Il Sung- She was a Christian and also is honored by the Chilgol Revolutionary site- which is on the same site and features a reconstruction of the church she used to attend with her son. The original church was destroyed during the Korean war.

Kang Pan Sok

Nam Il

A Russian born Korean General and politician who was also the leader of the Korean negotiating term to end the Korean war. He served as Foreign Minister from 1953 to 1956 before passing away in 1976.

Nam Il

Tips for visitors to the Pyongyang Martyrs Cemetery

Wear reasonably nice attire- Usually, the Martyrs’ cemetery will be visited after Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, so you should be wearing this anyway, but if not dressing nicer shows more respect to the fallen heroes.

It’s customary to present flowers to the heroes- in particular, the tier at the top with the most important members of the cemetery. If you visit our group tours, our YPT guide will take care of this, but if you go as an independent tourist, it is a kind consideration towards your local hosts.

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