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Introducing the Pyongyang Autumn Marathon

As the current situation with the coronavirus situation continues to develop, we would certainly be the last people to want to speculate about how, and when things might change, but we also need to be pragmatic, and realistic about when things might not only die down but (for us anyway) more importantly when North Korea opens their borders to tourism.

It is with this in mind that we have to face the possibility of the cancellation of the Pyongyang Marathon.

Now, whilst this is undoubtedly a sad occurrence, and would impact many people, it is certainly not the end of the world.

The April Pyongyang Marathon might be the more well-known of marathons in Pyongyang, it is not the only marathon in North Korea.

The Pyongyang Autumn Marathon takes place in Pyongyang on the final Sunday of September when the weather is dry and the climate is cool. Perfect for a run in North Korea’s capital!  

But, in many ways what makes the autumn marathon so special is that it is not as promoted as the April marathon and significantly cheaper. The participants in the Autumn marathon are predominantly local North Koreans, with the balance being made up of numerous embassy staff based in Pyongyang, and Pyongyang ex-pats that avoid the massive overcrowding that occurs in April.

In many respects, it is not only a lot more authentic but offers a better chance at truly interacting with locals in an event designed for North Koreans.

For €445 per person, our Pyongyang Autumn Marathon Ultra Budget tour starts and finishes in the Chinese border town city of Dandong with the option of starting Beijing on Saturday 26th September 2020 and finishing on Monday 28th.

5KM Marathon (5km/3 miles)   €40 per person

10KM Marathon (10km/6 miles) €50 per person

Half Marathon (20km/12 miles) €65 per person

Full Marathon (42km/26 miles) €80 per person

So begin your training and secure your spot early if you’d like to take part in the North Korean marathon this year!

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