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Pyongyang Marathon 2024 Dates Announced

We have received confirmation from the Pyongyang Marathon committee that the Pyongyang Marathon (Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon) held in April is expected to be held on Sunday April 11th 2024.

YPT are proud to offer our Marathon tours for 2024

Pyongyang Marathon and Kim Il Sung Birthday Tour – Group A 5 days €995 or Group B 8 days €1295

We’ve combined the 2024 Marathon tour with the birthday of President Kim Il Sung, undoubtedly the largest celebration of the year. We’re expecting fireworks, mass dancing, possibly parades and a number of other events that will most likely be announced much nearer the time to mark the 109th anniversary of the President’s birthday.

Pyongyang Marathon Ultra Budget Tour – 2 night, 3 days €495

By making use of travelling from Dandong, which is the Chinese border city to the DPRK and is easily reachable from most of China, this trip is perfect for those just wanting to get in and run the marathon with minimal fuss and is great for those on a budget or for returners who just really want to take part in the event.

The Pyongyang Marathon event for 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Book your marathon tour with us for no deposits or sign up to our membership program to secure discounts up to €300 on all tours in 2021 and 2024

The Pyongyang Marathon event in September is still scheduled to go ahead and is open for registrations. We offer a five-day tour for 695 euros and a three-day tour for 445 euros. 

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