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Paid Vaccinations – Coming to a clinic near you!

Paid vaccinations for Covid-19 have of course existed since a vaccine was first made. There were initially anecdotal stories of people paying thousands in the Middle-East for example.

Of course in theory the world was going to be altruistic and everyone would get vaccinated at the same time, but of course this has also not happened, with terms such as vaccine-nationalism and vaccine diplomacy entering the lexicon.

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Enter vaccine tourism

This has meant that certain countries, most influentially the United States essentially offering vaccine tourism. Serbia is another country that will apparently give out vaccines to all visitors, foreign, or not, although there are conflicting reports here.

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We won’t delve too much into vaccine tourism, but the next evolutionary step in a capitalistic way of dealing with a pandemic, paying for your vaccine.

Where can you pay for a vaccine?

This particular story has been inspired by moves in Cambodia to allow private clinics to sell the vaccine, which we will get to later. Thailand also announced a similar scheme many months ago, although both will and have the same problems.

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Are there enough vaccines to start selling them?

This is kind of where the irony comes in, countries like the USA which have far too many are literally giving the stuff away, but he most popular vaccines, scubas Johnson and Johnson for example and Astrazenica are actually struggling to keep up with contractual obligations.

In short paying for a vaccine is more theoretical than functional right now.

Paid Vaccinations – The Way Forward?

Whether it is moral, or not is not for us to say, but the reality of life is that money talks and you will likely be able to pay to get vaccinated sooner rather than later. From our point of view if this gets travel moving then why not.

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