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Where is the northernmost statue of Lenin?

Where is the northernmost statue of Lenin? The northernmost statue of Lenin is located in Pyramiden on Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago.

Not heard of any of these places? Well strap yourself in and get ready for the ride!

What is Svalbard?

We have covered this in great detail before, but essentially it is like a bit set of islands that re way north. Technically they are part of Norway, but in actuality enjoy a kind of special status. This status meant that anyone could come and do business here, in reality this meant the Soviet Union.

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Where is Lenin then?

The northernmost statue of Lenin is located on one of the three current, or former Russian settlements in Svalbard, namely Pyramiden. Pyramiden used to be a coal ming town, then it wasn’t, then it was ghost town and now they try and do tourism.

Guess hat happened then? Ruins and Ukraine happened, so visiting here is not easy. It is though not impossible, 

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How do you see the northernmost statue of Lenin?

We’ve covered about how you get to Pyramiden, so thats part of the journey, you get there by boat. Then you get a tour around the settlement, which includes a slightly northern statue of Lenin. 

Visiting here is cool, if not a bit surreal. This is not a statue surviving in a capitalist square, this is a Soviet Lenin statue that is stuck in good old-fashioned Soviet ghost town. And this is what makes it oh so special to us and indeed one of the most unique places on earth. 

Throw this in with some other great Soviet kitsch and this is a very YPT place to visit. 

We are currently working on a tour to the northern most statue of Lenin (among other things).  Stay posted as we get it ready. 

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