Young Pioneer Tours

Northern Africa

Since our first Saharan Odyssey tour, YPT have built an extensive network of partners throughout Western Africa and are able to offer budget adventure tours there tailored to each and everyone’s taste. Just contact us and we will arrange for you the best trip to one or many of those countries with our specialty being overland trips!



It is well known that Algeria is one of the hardest north african countries to get into. That is only when it is compared to neighbouring Morocco and Tunisia as it requires a visa on arrival while those other countries do not. By going through us, the visa process for Algeria is greatly simplified. We’ll ask for a few papers from you, then our local partner will fill in your application, which in turn will be pre-cleared by the Algerian ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once this pre-clearance is received in the embassy of your choice, you can just go there and pick up your visa.

What can we organise there?

Algeria is a massive country, with lots of activities available and sites to see. We can organise tours in all of Algeria’s biggest cities – taking you from roman ruins to the majestic bridges of Constantine. Our extensive network of contacts also allow us to organize all sorts of niche activities. You want to visit the sahrawi refugee Camps near the moroccan border? We can do that!


Morocco already has a wide and well established tourism industry, so what makes us special? We do Morocco the local way, we avoid the crowds of tourists, scams and peddlers to bring you to lesser known souks and cafes. We can organize tours through all of Morocco’s famous cities, including Fes, Casablanca, Marrakech and Agadir.

Morocco is also a great starting point for trips to the rest of the least touristy part of northern Africa. We can easily organise your pickup from Morocco to bring you to the lesser visited Western Sahara and Mauritania. Our trips come with experimented local guides in every country and vehicles adapted to the needs of the deserts. Always at the best price!


Northern Africa’s unknown jewel, Mauritania is definetely YPT’s favourite destination there and it is our pleasure to take you there! Don’t let people who have only been in and out of Nouadhibou or Nouakchott tell you that Mauritania is boring, real travellers know that inner mauritania is where it’s at!

YPT can organise the transportation and guides necessary to take you into the inner deserts of Mauritania to oasis and ancient cities, such as Ouadane and Chinguitty that are still under the tourism industry radar. Don’t wait until they claim all the fame they are due and visit those sites before the hordes come in.

A definite highlight of Mauritania is certainly the mineral ore train which links Nouadhibou to Choum. We can arrange for you to spend the night under the starry sky, zipping through the Sahara on an open-cart of this behemoth that is the longest train in the world!

We can also organise many other activities such as homestays, camping, aerial safaris and much more!