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North Korea Social benefits and the State

The DPRK classic, we have nothing to envy in the World praising the Social Benefits of North korea

North Korea is one of the last communist states on earth, and whilst references to Marxism-Leninism have been replaced by Juche, the country still describes itself as a Socialist State transitioning to communism.

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As a socialist state it therefore offers a lot of perks not available in many western countries. Arguable sanctions have affected the quality of these services in some ways, but they are still officially offered to all citizens.

Food supply benefit (rations)

The state supplies food to workers, office employees and even newborn babies. Citizens officially also receive a state ration that can be supplemented with goods brought from the private markets. This is a similar situation to Cuba.

Free housing

North Korea builds and allocates houses to citizens free of charge. Dwellers are still expected to cover the cost of utilities. People such as sports stars and important scientists are known to be given swanky apartments. Rason is the only place in the DPRK where there is an official real estate market.

Free medical care

Another area that has seriously suffered under the sanctions on North Korea. Full medical care has been free at the point of delivery since February 1960.

Free education

North Korean children enjoying their social benefits of North Korea

All aspects of education in North Korea are completely free of charge. This even includes university, or studying abroad for those that are eligible.

Tax exemption

Officially North Koreans pay no income tax at all! Although this is on state wages. Joint-ventures and indeed foreign companies in the country are expected to pay tax to the government of the DPRK!

Social benefits

Women get 5 months maternity leave when they have a child. Men get to retire at 60 in North Korea, whilst women get to down tools at 55, which when you see what is happening in countries such as the UK is quite generous!

We understand that obviously there are a lot of factors when it comes to the political system of North Korea, this article is merely to show the social benefits in North Korea given to citizens by the socialist government.

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