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Should I go to North Korea or South Korea?

Don’t worry! You have not accidentally come across a political article. This is all about tourism. But, it is also a question that many tourists ask themselves, “should I visit North or South Korea.” My personal opinion is both, but then I understand that not everyone has unlimited time and money.

The case for visiting North Korea

We sell North Korean tours (and a couple in the south), so answering the question of “which” Korea to visit, in some respects, the North would be our default position.

Personally speaking, my first two visits to North Korea are still the most amazing things I have ever done. Now that I’m at 85, the feeling is somewhat different but always amazing. I often word things like so, and the world is getting more and more similar, even in China, there is McDonald’s everywhere. There is no place like North Korea in the world, and even though it is changing rapidly, visit it while you still have the chance to see somewhere very unique.

Oh, they also have great food!

The case for visiting the Republic of (South) Korea

The other Korea is like chalk and cheese in many ways when compared to the North. SoKo (as the cool kids call it) sometimes feels like you are visiting the future, as it is very well developed. You are also free to move around at your own pace, and indeed budget.

South Korea, though, is not a cheap place, and while North Korea has a reputation for being expensive, a trip Southside will probably cost the same. Overall though, we do like visiting the Republic of Korea, and you can even join one of our tours.

But overall we say, visit both! One of the most fascinating things is to see just how similar, but also have diverged the nations have now become.

Whatever you do, 2020 is the time to visit Korea!

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