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No Evacuation Flights for Australians in Cambodia

According to the Khmer Times (our new favourite website), there are no evacuation flights for Australians in Cambodia currently being planned.

Currently, there are hundreds of Australians in Cambodia, a popular haunt for tourists and ex-pats alike. Now, there are still a limited number of commercial flights in operation, but these are usually prohibitively expensive, and more importantly, often subject to cancellation at extremely short notice, with customers than having to wait for refunds to be processed.

Australian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia had the following to say;

“There are still some commercial flights, but details change from day to day, often at very short notice. Some of these flights are also very expensive.

Unless you can be sure that the flight is viable, before paying for tickets, you should consider whether to proceed or save your money, in case you will need it on things such as food and accommodation over the medium to longer-term in Cambodia.”

“As part of good planning, you should prepare for the worst-case possibility of an extended stay. You should think now about what you, your family or travelling companions will need. Where will you stay? How can family and friends contact you? From where are the best places to get food, water and medicine? Do you have enough cash for every day essential items?

Please email the embassy ( with your name, location, contact details and the details of anyone travelling with you. Follow our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) for regular updates. We are here in Cambodia, too, and we are all in this together.”

He had previously added that Australia is not planning any evacuation or charter flights for Australians in Cambodia.

Quite how long short to long-term means is very much open to interpretation, and indeed is inextricably linked to how in control COVID-19 becomes over this time.

But, for the short term at the very least, bunker down, stock up and continue to look out for advice!

Best of luck to all of our Pioneers in Cambodia and around the world right now!

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