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National Bird of North Korea


We have written extensively on the national symbols of North Korea, such as the DPRK emblem, the North Korean flag as well as the Kimjongilia and Kimilsungia plants, but what might you ask is the national bird of North Korea? We are happy to answer!

The National Bird of North Korea Is the Northern Goshawk

The northern goshawk is a medium-large raptor in the family Accipitridae, which also includes other extant diurnal raptors, such as eagles, buzzards and harrier. It is often called a true hawk, although what that exactly means we are not truly sure.

Northern Goshawk

The northern goshawk is an opportunistic predatory bird of prey that will pretty much eat anything. As tough birds to select as a national bird go it makes a pretty good national bird.

The bird is found throughout the world, including throughout the Korean peninsula. It is considered a lucky bird of Korea, both in the North and South.

Why Is It the National Bird of North Korea?

As the northern goshawk inhabits the north and central parts of the Korean peninsula and sometimes migrates to the southern part of the country in winter, it is well known to Korean people.

Historically, Koreans have used the goshawk in falconry to hunting game such as pheasants, rabbits and partridges. Its close relationships to humans and indeed its importance in hunting were factors in picking it as a national bird.

What is the national bird of South Korea?

The national bird of Korea, as per 1964 is the magpie. The magpie is considered the national lucky bird of Korea. The magpie is considered lucky when seen by south Koreans and, to a lesser extent North Koreans.

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