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Mass Games 2020 Photos Released!


North Korea’s new mass games performance recently kicked off again on October 11th in Pyongyang. The title of this year’s performance is “Great Leadership or 위대한 향도” and coincides with the countries massive celebrations for the 75th Anniversary of the Worker’s Party of Korea. The performances are scheduled to run until the end of October and are held in May Day stadium.

Until now, only a small video snippet as part of the event’s KCTV coverage was available.

Today, however, new images have been released of the spectacular event! Check out the stunning photos below.

Please note the above photos were taken by Korean Photographers in the DPRK and the photos were released through DPRK state media

How Can I See the Mass Games?

While unfortunately, the North Korean border remains closed to tourists due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we hope these images get you excited for an expected return of the performance and tourism to North Korea in 2024!

To see what it is like to attend the mass games as a tourist, check out our video from the 2018 performance here and to see our tour schedule for 2024, please click here.

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