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Kapsan County

Kapsan County is a county or rather “Kun” as it is said in Korean, in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is located in Ryanggang Province, whose northern limits border the People’s Republic of China.

During the times of the Joseon Dynasty, those sent to internal exile were often sent to Kapsan Kun.

During the Anti-Japanese War, it was a hotbed of revolutionary activity, with a number of revolutionaries from the area joining the post-war communist government. This group led by Pak Kum-chol would eventually be known as the Kapsan Faction of the Workers Party of Korea. Events that occurred in 1967, which would ultimately be known as the Kapsan Incident led to over 100 party members being expelled.

Kapsan itself lies to the north of the Kaema Plateau, and is a considerably mountainous area, with lots of forestlands.

The chief economy of the area is agriculture, with rice, potatoes, hops, and honey being produced. Despite its historical importance during the Anti-Japanese struggle, and the Korean War (where it was heavily bombed), Kapsan county is widely considered unimportant in the contemporary DPRK political scenery.

Administrative divisions of Kapsan Kun:

  •     Kapsan-ŭp (갑산읍)
  •     Mullakp’yŏng-rodongjagu (문락평로동자구)
  •     O-il-lodongjagu
  •     (5.1-lodongjagu) (오일로동자구)
  •     Sang’il-lodongjagu (삼일로동자구)
  •     Tongjŏm-rodongjagu (동점로동자구)
  •     Ch’angsong-ri (창송리)
  •     Choyang-ri (조양리)
  •     Chungch’ŏl-li (중천리)
  •     Ch’angdong-ri (창동리)
  •     Ch’ŏnsŏng-ri (천성리)
  •     Ch’up’yŏng-ri (추풍리)
  •     Hoeril-li (회린리)
  •     Kŭmp’ung-ri (금풍리)
  •     Namp’yŏng-ri (남평리)
  •     P’yŏnghwa-ri (평화리)
  •     Rimdong-ri (림동리)
  •     Sach’ang-ri (사창리)
  •     Sadong-ri (사동리)
  •     Sambong-ri (삼봉리)
  •     Sanghŭng-ri (상흥리)
  •     Sap’yŏng-ri (사평리)
  •     Sinjŏng-ri (신정리)
  •     Songam-ri (송암리)
  •     Taejung-ri (대중리)
  •     Yanghŭng-ri (양흥리)

Can you visit Kapsan County?

There is no specific prohibition on visiting Kapsan County, although there is absolutely no tourist infrastructure here, and it does not currently feature on any tourist itineraries to the country.

But who knows? The one constant in North Korea is change.

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