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Is it safe to travel to Jordan – and scams to avoid!

Is it safe to travel to Jordan? The short answer is that yes it is very safe to travel to Jordan, although there are cultural elements and certain scams that need to be avoided. 

Of course we also always suggest following the advice of people like the UKFCO who can check out here

Is it safe to travel to Jordan?

While government advisories tend to point out the obvious, there is a risk from Islamic terrorism, especially at tourist attractions and the like. On this note though it should be pointed out that there are police and army everywhere, checkpoints and great security at most hotels. Also you are seemingly just as at risk in Paris, or London these days….

From a crime point of view there is little to no violent crime directed at tourists visiting the country, with the main dangers being petty crime and scams, which we will cover later. 

As with anywhere do not flaunt wealth, or go walking down dark alleys late at night, or into rough neighborhoods. We will not point out every rough place in Amman, simply do due diligence! 

Is it safe to travel to Jordan as a woman?

Jordan is one of the most sexually liberal countries within the Middle-East, which has pluses and minuses with regards to traveling as a woman. In general women are treated with complete respect and go to bars, clubs and the like.

With that being said a foreign woman walking the streets by herself will likely gain interest from locals. There are also a number of foreign women working as prostitutes in Amman, which means that on certain roads simply being a foreign woman will mean men assume you are a street walker.

Overall though Jordanians are extremely friendly and Jordan can be seen as one of the most free and easy places within the region to travel as a woman. 

Is it safe to travel to Jordan for gay people?

Rather than go down the “Is Jordan safe to travel for the LGTBQ+ community”, we will keep this to a more simple note on the general safeness of homosexual travellers to Jordan.

Jordan is the most liberal country in the region with regards to homosexuality with same-safe relations being legal since 1951. Amman in particular is a very liberal city and there are what can be considered gay bars and clubs, male sex workers and apps like Grindr not being blocked.

Amman though is not the same as every city and some places such as Petra for example tend to be more conservative. 

Generally speaking overt showing of public affection is discouraged be it heterosexual, or homosexual. 

When it comes to trans-rights in Jordan things are not as advanced as they are in the west and local thought is of the opinion that there are two sexes. Overall while Jordan might be the most liberal country in the region, that does not mean that it is upscale New York. Always respect local customs.

Dangers and annoyances and scams in Jordan 

There are a number os scams particularly in Amman which should be avoided. Essentially if someone seems too friendly theres a decent chance there’s something afoot. Not we say “too friendly”, not friendly. Jordanians are very welcoming and you will often get offered tea, which should be embraced!

The Tinder Scam

Of all the smaller scams in Jordan this is the one we noticed the most. A lady matches with you on Tinder and you end up at a bar which is extremely expensive. A common scam that exists even in London. In essence if you end up at a bar with a lady, or even by yourself always check prices on the menu….

And if you are invited to Ameri Suites Hotel and given the “Gentlemen Menu”, run for the hills.

Is it safe to travel to Jordan
Is it safe to travel to Jordan

These scams rely on menace, so while the best thing to do is not get involved, the next best thing is to not be intimidated. 

Tipping in Jordan

Tipping is not only encouraged in Jordan, but is pervasive, often aggressive and expected for literally everything. Now if you are on a YPT tour this is something we take care of, but if not expect to be asked a lot.

And by a lot we do not mean by European standards, but standards even Americans would balk at. Remember all service requires a tip and every tour guide. So if for example you book a day tour to Wadi Rum, you will tip the Bedouin, your local guide, the driver, pay for your camels and still be expected to tip the camel guy.

Not technically a scam, but so pervasive it borders on it. 

Is it safe to travel to SOFEX?

It is not possible to simply travel to SOFEX as a tourist, but only as a delegate, which YPT are one of the few companies able to arrange. SOFEX it should be remembered is a trade fair for arms that has some very important people present, and is FULL of security personnel.

If you act like a dick you may well be thrown out, or worse. This is particularly true when handling guns, with misbehaviour here having the chance of simply landing you to prison. 

Stick with your YPT guide, act with humility, be polite and you will be fine when you visit SOFEX. 

To read about SOFEX click here

Drinking in Bars

Not a scam, but more an annoyance. Drinks in bars are not cheap in Jordan, so ordering rounds of shots and the like can lead to big bills you might not be used to.  Keep this in mind when you get on the drink in Jordan 

So, is it safe to travel to Jordan?

Overall one of the safest and most friendly places to visit and certainly a YPT favourite!

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