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The Iraqi Kurdistan Guide

The Iraqi Kurdistan Guide

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq is an autonomous region within the Republic of Iraq. In comparison to Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan is a multi-ethnic and multi religious region known for its increased stability and security. The people of Iraqi Kurdistan originate from all different ethnic backgrounds and are widely renowned for their friendliness, great hospitality and most importantly – respect for foreign visitors.

After gaining independence from Iraq on the 25 September 2017, Iraq Kurdistan has gone from strength to strength to becoming a strong and stable nation. The region was lucky enough to be spared from the brutality of the war in 2003 and as such, the Iraqi Kurdistan Region is a very different place from the Republic of Iraq.

The region has seen massive economic development and foreign investment over the last ten years owing to minimal levels of terrorist activity and the regions openness to embrace new ideas and cultures. As a result, Iraqi Kurdistan is quickly becoming one of the middle east’s hottest tourist destination.

Iraqi Kurdistan is blessed by untouched mountains, waterfalls, rivers and lakes and has long been known as an area of outstanding beauty in the middle east. Throw in some ancient historic sites and monuments and you have the recipe for an unforgettable time in Iraqi Kurdistan.

As you would expect from such a melting pot of cultures, Iraqi Kurdistan is truly a fascinating place to visit. Kurdish people are extremely friendly. If you go in with an open mind with the eagerness for new experiences you’ll be rewarded with a genuine middle eastern experience that will take you out of your usual western comfort zones.