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Covid-19: When will international travel resume?

When will travel resume after Covid-19, that is the question on all lips

This is the one million dollar question that we are currently regularly getting asked, but sadly no one knows for sure when tourism will resume around the world, fully at least.

With that being said, there is now at least some movement and some countries are indeed starting to tentatively open their doors to tourists and that forms of travel resume.

Bulgaria opens to tourism from June 1st

One table example is Bulgaria, which as of today, June 1st, has opened to tourism. This is where we have our Europe office. Coupled with countries such as Georgia – who is marketing itself heavily for the summer and Belarus, which has kept its borders open throughout, the possibilities of Europe-based travel are at least improving. We are obviously not sure sure exactly how this will play out, but will be exploring all options as and when they appear – rather than just sticking rigidly to our current travel schedule.

When will China and North Korea open to tourism?

Whilst we do not run all that many tours to China, the country is of course the gateway to North Korea. China recently announced that they would be extending their current travel restrictions, which apply to flights, visas and quarantining on arrival until at least October. Obviously, we would be hopeful things improve before then, but, as things stand, this would mean traveling to North Korea, or China from October at the earliest. This in itself is also far from guaranteed.

When will the rest of the world open?

Again without the use of a crystal ball it is quite hard to say, particularly with how the outbreak is currently affecting Brazil and the rest of the Ameircas, but the most likely scenario is that regionally and then continental travel will be the first sectors of the industry to return. Different websites, such as thepointsguy, have published country by country guides of most countries game plan. Of course, this all depends on whether or not there is be a big second wave, which of course would mean all bets are off….

So that’s it for our update on when will travel resume around the world. We are truly looking forward to seeing you in our groups as soon as it is safe and possible to do so!

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