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Rason Independent Tours

Rason is the special economic zone of the DPRK and it  is currently the only place in the country where it is permitted for tourists to not only change and use DPRKorean Won at the “street” rate but also shop in the otherwise forbidden private markets. It’s also a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in the DPRK’s economy, business or even investing with a chance to visit factories, local businesses and have a chance to meet local ex-pats.

Group tours are not for everyone and Rason is no different, although keep in mind that an independent tour here is still accompanied by two guides and a driver. With an independent tour you are relatively free to design your own itinerary, but keep in mind this is Rason, not Vegas, so there are still restrictions.

Tourists willing to cross over and continue touring into the North East provinces are now able to do so since early 2014. North East  rates apply and you will be greeted by your two new local Korean guides for the North East  area.

The below prices are quoted on a 1 night 2 day stay

Cost per night
1 Person €570
2 People €295
3-5 People €200
6-10 People €170
10+ People €155

The below prices are quoted on a 2 nights or more stay

Cost per night
1 Person €420
2 People €210
3-5 People €150
6-10 People €130
10+ People €110

Infants under two years of age are free and children under 13 years of age receive 30% discount per night. Single supplement €40. Single supplements only apply for even numbered groups with individuals who want their own rooms.

DPRK travel permits to Rason are an additional €60 per person. Transport fee between Yanji Airport (closes town to Rason with an airport) to Yanji hotel to Chinese / North Korean border and return to Yanji Airport after tour is extra.

Travel can be from two to five nights but we recommend 2-3 nights as being the perfect amount of time to be there. We can organise a hotel in Yanji city, flights and train tickets from Beijing to Yanji or return. Please email us for more details.