Young Pioneer Tours

North Korea – North East Independent Tours

Explore one of the most rarely seen parts of the DPRK, including a brand new city and county, opened for the first time to western tourists by Young Pioneer Tours, Hoeryong city and Onsong county.

Major highlights of visiting the North East province are Chongjin city, formerly a major industrial city. However, it was hit hard by the events of the 90′s. It still survives as the DPRK’s third biggest city and plans for major renovations are already underway so there are few chances to see it as it is now before the revival is complete. The beautiful Mt Chilbo is a natural wonder of Korea as it allows you to look from a high altitude over the magnificent views of the sea east of Korea and explore the natural side of the country. Mt Chilbo also has the only homestay village in the country. A unique experience and the closest tourists can get to see rural life in the DPRK.

Other highlights include the North Hamgyong province performance group, being one of the first Westerners to visit Hoeryong city (Birthplace of Kim Jong Il’s mother) and the chance to see a whole new side to life in the DPRK.

Tourists willing to cross over and continue touring into Rason, the special economic zone of the DPRK are now able to do so since early 2014. Rason rates apply and you will be greeted by your two new local Korean guides for Rason area.

To do an independent tour in North East you must stay for a minimum of 2 nights. DPRK visa is an additional €60 per person.

Cost per night
1 Person €480
2 People €240
3-5 People €160
6-10 People €115
10+ People €100

Infants under two years of age are free and children under 13 years of age receive 30% discount per night. Single supplement room €35. Single supplements only apply for even numbered groups with individuals who want their own rooms.