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Independent Tour to Eritrea

Isolated from the rest of Africa, Eritrea is often called the North Korea of Africa. We disagree with this moniker, which really doesn’t capture the vibe of the country. We love both countries, but they couldn’t be more different! Eritrea, with its carnavalesque vibe and colonial italian atmosphere is definetely a unique place to explore. While travelling to Eritrea might sometimes seem like a headache due to the visa and permits necessary, Young Pioneer Tour makes it as easy as possible through our extensive network of experts on the ground.

With regular flights from Dubai and Ethiopia, Eritrea can be reached daily and, if you come from a country that does not have a diplomatic mission of Eritrea, we can arrange visa on arrival for you. If your country has a diplomatic mission of Eritrea, with our help you should be able to get a visa much quicker!

To build your quote, simply add up the essentials from the Getting started section with the accommodation, transportation, guide and activities fees you select. Our staff is always available to help you design the best travel plan.

Prices can fluctuate, get in touch for a direct, up-to-date quote

Getting started

To visit Eritrea, you will need a visa and in order to travel around the country, you will need travel permits. Our local partners in the country will arrange all of this for you be it visa on arrival or visa in advance, we will contact the ministry of foreign affairs in Asmara to smooth the process.

In Eritrea, each destination outside of Asmara requires a permit, these permits can be applied for by our staff on the day of your arrival (provided it is a work day). One permit, per destination and per person are required.

These are the minimum charges to travel to Eritrea

Price per customer (USD)
Visa Support $95
Permit (per destination) $4
Administrative Fees* $225
Airport Pickup $25

Airport Pickup and Drop-off



*A $50 per person discount is available for groups of more than 20 people


Chances are you will need a place to stay while in Eritrea and YPT can arrange for you comfortable rooms according to your budget. Here are prices for the most visited cities, if you wish to wander deeper into Eritrea, contact us for special quotes.

Price per room (USD)
Budget Single Room in Asmara $40
Budget Twin/Double Room in Asmara $45
Luxury Single Room in Asmara $140
Luxury Twin/Double Room in Asmara $215
Budget Single Room in Massawa $45
Budget Twin/Double Room in Massawa $50
Luxury Single Room in Massawa $85
Luxury Twin/Double Room in Massawa $95
Luxury Single Room in Keren $65
Luxury Twin/Double Room in Keren $75


Now that you have your permit and know where you’ll stay in the country, you’ll need to get there. Here are prices for the most common destinations in Eritrea. Once more, get in touch with us if you wish to go somewhere else!

Price per car (USD)
Day trip to Keren (sedan) $165
Day trip to Keren (mini-van) $215
Day trip to Keren (bus) $285
Transportation to Massawa and back (sedan) $205
Transportation in Massawa (per day) (sedan) $185
Transportation to Massawa and back (mini-van) $255
Transportation in Massawa (per day) (mini-van) $165
Transportation to Massawa and back (bus) $335
Transportation in Massawa (per day) (bus) $205
Half day trip to the tank graveyard (sedan) $65
Half day trip to the tank graveyard (mini-van) $115
Half day trip to the tank graveyard (bus) $210


If you would like the service of a local guide, we know some of the best. Our guide are completely fluent in English and truly understand the YPT ethos and love to show their country to the world. Our guides are based in Asmara, which means that if you require for them to come with you to another city, you’ll have to hire them until you come back to Asmara.

It is also possible to hire italian-speaking guides, contact us for a special rate

Guide Service
Price per day (USD)
Guide in Asmara (walking) $65
Guide in Asmara (with sedan) $215
Guide in Asmara (with mini-van) $225
Guide outside of Asmara  $110

Special Activities

Eritrea has some unique activities which cannot be done outside of this country. Explore pristine islands on a boat ride, go scuba diving in the red sea but, more importantly, ride a 100 year old steam train!


Price (USD)
Charter Steam train ride from Asmara to Arbaroba and back (price per train for less than 20 people) $1210
Charter Steam train from Asmara to Arbaroba and back  (price per person with a group of 20 people or more) $60
Boat hire to Dahlac Archipelago (full board) $1190
Special permit to Dahlac Archipelago (per person) $45
Scuba diving, including diving equipment (per dive)* $60

*The rates for scuba diving are for information only and the activity should be paid on arrival, to the dive master directly.

Special Requests in Eritrea

That’s not all! If you want to do anything that is not part of this guide in Eritrea, chances are we can arrange it. Contact us for special quotes. Here are some suggestions

  • Yacht layover in Massawa
  • Archaeological tour
  • Nomadic Family visits
  • Antique Car interest tour
  • Gastronomical interest tour
  • Religious Festival tour
  • Cycling tour