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How to Survive as a Vegan in Cambodia?

From Angkor Watt to the dark tourism realms of Along Veng, Cambodia offers something for every traveller. The question today, however, is how to vegetarians and vegans make out in this country?

Cambodian Cuisine

Cambodia’s cuisine is a vibrant mix of those of its neighbours, namely Vietnam, Thailand and China. Many traditional “Khmer” dishes such as Lok Lak have, in fact, been borrowed from the countries. Due to its proximity to the Mekong, it tends to be very fish heavy and thus very suited to flexitarian or pescatarian diets.

Due to the country’s Buddhist culture, vegans and vegetarians get far more options than in other countries, such as Mongolia.

Vegan Restaurants in Cambodia

Cambodia is pretty well on the tourist trail; therefore, places like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap have many vegan-friendly restaurants.

Everyday Eating in Cambodia

Rice is eaten daily by most Cambodians, and noodles are also popular. Most restaurants, including Cambodian street food joints, will offer vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Fruit in Cambodia

Cambodian fruit is plentiful, cheap and amazing. Cambodian Durian is particularly good, if you like that kind of thing, as is the jackfruit. If you need to know the difference between durian and jackfruit, check out this link.

Cooking in Cambodia

Cambodian supermarkets are well stocked with food from around the world. Ironically they seem to import a lot of stuff from the UK. Vegetables, pasta, fruit etc. can all be purchased from supermarkets as well as outdoor wet markets. Although in the current coronavirus world, these are probably best avoided.

Eating in Rural Cambodia

Even when you are in the Cambodian countryside, such as Anlong Veng, there are enough vegan options, even in street food venues. More often than not, these will equate to soupy style noodles, but it will be enough to keep you going.

And that is how you survive as a vegan in Cambodia!

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