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How to get a visa for Socotra

Socotra, fabled and mythical island off the coast of Somalia, is a traveller’s dream. It has been recently very hard to travel to Socotra until weekly flights have resumed. If you want to visit Socotra now, you will need a visa. Read this article and you will have a visa for Socotra in no time.

Socotra Visa & Mainland Yemen Visa

visa in Socotra

Socotra is on a different visa scheme than the rest of the country it is administered by: Yemen. The visa for mainland Yemen is still very hard to get from an embassy and the procedure changes a lot. Some travellers have successfully obtained a visa at the border of Yemen and Oman near Salalah by “paying the fee” to the border guards. Some days it works, some days it doesn’t.

For Socotra, things are much more straightforward. Local companies can organise tourist visas. At Young Pioneer Tours, we can arrange visas for everyone who join one of our tour to Socotra. The visa will be issued before you arrive in Socotra and does not require sending your physical passport anywhere. The confirmation of the visa will be sent to you by email, you simply have to print it and bring it with you when you head to Socotra.

What you’ll need

To get a visa for Socotra, you’ll need to provide a Socotri agency with:

  • -A scanned copy of your passport photo page
  • -A scanned copy of a visa-type photo of yourself
  • -A round-trip ticket to and from Socotra
  • -Pay the visa fee (€100)

The ticket is the tricky part, those tickets cannot be booked online and the only scheduled flight to Socotra is from Cairo. The ticket can be purchased in person at Yemenia Airways office in Cairo. If you book a tour with us, we can get the ticket for you.

Once, you have received your visa confirmation, you are ready to travel to Socotra. Upon arrival, your Yemen (Socotra) visa will be stamped in your passport. You are now free to explore the island for a week, until the next flight comes!

To get your visa, join us on our tours to Socotra!