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How To Get A Visa For Uzbekistan

Next up on our visa series, is how to get yourself a tourist visa for Uzbekistan. Depending on your nationality, the type of visa you need, where you apply for it, and how can vary quite a bit. 

We’ve put all the key information together on one page to help make your visa process pain-free. 

Land Bordersvisa

There is no visa on arrival at the land borders, so if this is how you’re entering the country, you will need to organise your visa prior to the trip. Some nationalities don’t need an LOI (e.g. UK citizens getting the visa from the embassy in London), however, most do. Even if you have a UK passport, but are getting the visa elsewhere, you might need an LOI, depending on the embassy. In this case, we will arrange your LOI, which if you’re booking a tour with us, will be included in the tour price.

On Arrival

It is possible to get your visa on arrival at the airport in Tashkent, however the consulate there is just a guy with a printer and it sometimes can take a while (the maximum we’ve heard of is about four hours, but usually we’d be expecting around an hour), so if it is possible for you to get the visa at an embassy prior to the trip, we would recommend that. If you live in a country without an Uzbek embassy though (Australia for example), and aren’t travelling anywhere else beforehand, getting it at the airport is still an option.

Letter Of Invitation

It is stipulated on your LOI which embassy you will have the visa issued at, and this can’t be changed after the application is made. If you are a citizen of one of the countries with an Uzbek Embassy, or happen to be passing through a country which has one, you can take your LOI directly to the embassy and organise your own visa at your own expense. For a list of all countries with Uzbek embassies visit: If you are not the citizen of, or going to be passing through, one of these countries, we can speak directly with you about your options.

It is important that you get in touch with the individual embassy that you’ll be using as the information on the internet isn’t necessarily updated regularly, and each embassy can have their own requirements, prices and processing times which are subject to change.


In 2018, Uzbekistan has launched a new e-visa scheme which simplified the process to obtain a visa. Find out more about it in our dedicated guide about the e-visa.

Joining a YPT tour to Uzbekistan makes the visa process a whole lot easier. 

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