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Hidden Gem Vacation Destinations You Need to Experience for Yourself

Guest Blog by Freelance Writer Jane Standing

Taking part in superficial tourist activities and doing the same thing over can leave you bored. However, you can now enjoy unique experiences worth your time and money.  

Visiting less known destinations opens you to a wide range of outdoor activities that take you out of your element, like foraging for food, discovering incredible nature, and visiting isolated areas with no big crowds. Here are some less known destinations to relax and unwind.

Socotra Island

Socotra Island, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean is one of the most neglected tourism destinations in the world. Apart from being in the Yemen territory, the island is located in a remote location in the Arabian Sea. Socotra is home to unique species of flora and fauna that are not visible anywhere else in the world. The towering mountains at the back and the extended sandy beaches are guaranteed to take your breath away. There are lots of things to see and experience like camping in the ancient lands of Homhil or taking a swim on the holes of clear water of Wadi Daerhu. The dunes give you a clear view of the beautiful sunset.  Activities like trekking, bird watching, diving, and swimming will make your travel experience worthwhile.

South Ossetia

If you’re looking for a destination that exposes you to diverse culture or you’re looking to understand 21st-century separatism, South Ossetia is an excellent option.  The small state borders Georgia and is run by Russian officials.  What makes this place special are the highlands, sanctuaries and mineral springs. You’ll find subsistence farmers living in forests that provide a fantastic setting for foraging and tasting the foods that nature provides.

Observing nature or picking berries is a great way to spend a sunny day in South Ossetia.  Try the Ossetian cheese and beer, then visit the Georgians who’ll offer you sulguni brined cheese.  You don’t want to miss the amazing experience Ossetia provides if you consider yourself a curious soul in search of new adventure.


Chernobyl is not your ordinary tourist destination; it’s a site to the largest nuclear accidents.  Although the accident happened back in the 80s, the area has become a day-trip destination for daring tourists. Chernobyl has a fantastic tourist appeal as it provides a range of activities like sightseeing in the town and a visit to the museum and the cultural center.  You can also visit Prypyat, a ghost town, where more than 50,000 people were evacuated after the blast.

With the place receiving around 30,000 tourists a year, you’ll find some spots crowded. However, this is dependent on the time you visit.  Chernobyl offers you a view of a world that no longer exists. Short trips are considered safe. Nonetheless, you need to listen to your tour guide as he knows the dangers present in the exclusion zone.

Going on vacation gives you the opportunity to try something new and explore new activities.

You can forage for food in South Ossetia, go site seeing in Chernobyl, or relish in the beautiful sunsets in Socotra islands.  These unknown destinations provide you with a unique vacation experience.

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