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6 Must-See Attractions in Memphis For Your First Visit

Memphis, Tennessee, has iconic landmarks, a thriving culture, and history. Memphis has something for everyone—music lovers, history buffs, or tourists looking for novel experiences- regardless of your interests. Prepare to travel into the heart of the American South, where every destination offers a distinct tale and life-long memories. This blog will explore six must-see attractions in Memphis for your first visit.

Memphis Zoo

For guests of all ages, the Memphis Zoo in Overton Park offers a pleasant experience. With more than 3,500 animals, the zoo provides an opportunity to view a variety of exotic species, including pandas and polar bears. The zoo offers informative tours through several environments, such as the Arctic tundra and the African savannah, and animal observation opportunities. It’s the ideal place for a family day with engaging exhibitions and entertaining kid-friendly activities.

Sun Studio

The little 706 Union Avenue recording studio, Sun Studio, is credited with being the genesis of rock ‘n’ roll. Legends like Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley released their debut singles there. Standing where these superstars made history gives you a close-up look at the history of music on the guided tour. The studio is a musical innovation time capsule due to its antique feel and well-preserved equipment.

Beale Street

Beale Street is something other than a street; It is a lively tribute to Memphis culture. Beale Road, notable for its intriguing nightlife, is fixed with cafés, shops, and blues clubs with an unmistakably metropolitan energy. Appreciate unrecorded music and Southern food while respecting the neon-lit vibe of this noteworthy road. It’s where Memphis shows some major signs of life consistently.

The Stax Museum of American Soul Music

Soul music’s heritage and global influence are honored at the Stax Museum. This museum, housed in the historic Stax Records location, is a veritable gold mine of musical history. There will be almost 2,000 exhibits, including a gold-trimmed Cadillac owned by Isaac Hayes, authentic instruments used by soul icons, and a re-creation of the famous Studio A. Anyone interested in the history of soul music and how it influenced contemporary genres should check it out.


Seeing Elvis Presley’s storied house, Graceland, is a must-do while visiting Memphis. Entering this estate is like stepping into the life of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll rather than merely entering a residence. See Elvis’s amazing collection of gold records and costumes, explore the Jungle Room with its green shag carpeting, and pay your respects at his tomb in the Meditation Garden. Graceland is a destination for music enthusiasts throughout the globe, serving as more than just a museum.

Within the Lorraine Motel is the National Civil Rights Museum

A poignant and inspirational tribute to the American civil rights movement is the National Civil Rights Museum. The Lorraine Motel, the location of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s murder, is home to it. Visitors are guided through the history of the American struggle for equal rights by the well-curated museum exhibits. It provides a space for reflection, education, and inspiration while also acting as a reminder of the sacrifices made in the name of freedom and equality.

Bottom Line

Memphis is a soulful city. Each site offers a unique glimpse into the past, from the city’s significant role in American history to its musical roots. Whether you want to explore the city’s vibrant streets, walk in the footsteps of legendary musicians, or learn about the history of the civil rights movement, Memphis has something to offer everyone. So be ready for your first vacation to Memphis, pack light, have an adventurous mindset, and soak in its allure!

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