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Happy May Day and 12th Birthday to YPT!

Pictured Above: May 1st, 2008 our first group takes a stroll through Moran Hill, Pyongyang

Today marks two worldwide monumental events, the 134th International Workers Day, but even more profoundly the 12th birthday of Young Pioneer Tours!

Why is this our 12th birthday? Well, if we were going to get all technical, our first May Day Tour to North Korea started before May 1st, but it was May Day in Pyongyang that cemented our love of North Korea and indeed inspired our revolutionary zeal to make YPT what it is today.

Our first trip consisted of a mere 6 Pioneers at the price of 795 Euros! Actually, in our defence, our prices really haven’t changed all that much over time. We have included a whole heap of pictures below of our very Young Pioneers from this trip!

It is for this reason that May Day holds a particular place in our heart, and why we are very excited about returning to Pyongyang, Havana, and a few other places to celebrate it in 2021. The 135th anniversary of International Workers Day, and our unlucky for some 13th birthday.

But, and without any sense of irony, “unlucky 13” is really not a huge worry (we hope) when compared with how our 12th birthday is going!

Coronavirus has meant this has been a tough year for everyone in the travel industry, us included, but for YPT, we also had the loss of our legendary and visionary founder Troy Collings, something that for everyone who knew him still feels very fresh.

But, you cannot keep Pioneers down, and with this, in mind, and even without any travel happening, we persevere and plan for the future!

Currently, this is best manifested in our Membership Program , which runs in its current form until May 4th (Star Wars Day), which offers HUGE initial as well as ongoing discounts for members.

We have also listed almost all of our 2021 North Korean, and International Tours, which can be booked with a mere 50 Euro deposit.

We realize our birthday and travel, in general, are not the most important things on people’s minds during COVID-19, but we hope that with our blog posts and general look towards the future, we are still giving those with a wanderlust something to look forward to.

A sincere thanks from everyone at YPT to all those who have continued supporting us throughout this challenging time.

Stay safe y’all, and enjoy the retro 2008 photos from our first tour to North Korea!

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