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All you ever needed to know about Greenland

Young Pioneer Tours are currently getting very excited about our first ever tour to Greenland. In anticipation of said trip, we’ve taken the usual step of writing a blog about the place in question!

Is Greenland a country?

Yes and no. Those belonging to the 193 club would say no, but YPT are mavericks and live our own rules, and we say that it is! It does fall under the aegis of Denmark, and sorta operates like a colony.  

Is Greenland in the EU?

Bollocks to Brexit! Due to fishing squabbles Greenland’s exit – or Grexit, as nobody called it – happened in the 1980s. It’s therefore not part of the EU.

Is Greenland big?

Greenland on the world map.

Greenland is the biggest island in the word, because Australia is a continent. FACT

What language do they speak in Greenland?

They Speak Danish and Greenlandic.

How do I say “hello” in Danish?

Hello in Danish is “Hej”.

How do I say “hello” in Greenlandic?

Hello is Aluu (inf) Inuugujoq. Try saying that after a few beers!

How many people live there?

There are about 50,000 people living on this HUGE island. It is no Bangladesh! Although most of the island is filled with ice.

So Iceland is really green, and Greenland is really icy?

That is correct. As Chancellor Palpatine might observe: ironic.

What is the capital city?

The colourful buildings of Greenland's capital, Nuuk.

Nuuk (or Godthåb in Danish). This is where the majority of the population live. Very nice, but not exactly Ibiza!

So that is our bite-sized guide to everything you know about this fascinating island. It is too late to join our next tour, but we hope to be offering further trips there in the future!

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