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5 reasons to go to the Asian Indoor Games

The 5th Asian Indoor Games is being held in Ashgabat this September and YPT are ready to take you there!

Here are 5 reasons you should be attending.

You want to party in Ashgabat

Ashgabat is a beautiful and amazing city. I couldn’t possibly imagine a tourist having a dull moment exploring the marble and gold oasis in the desert that is Ashgabat. That being said it’s not a particularly lively or busy city. Often you’ll be driving down roads that are completely empty (think of the pictures you see of Pyongyang, but in this case you don’t need to wait 5 minutes to get that perfect photo without a car in sight). Part of this is because of the curfews that have been enforced previously and also because there genuinely isn’t much of a nightlife anyway. Things are going to change though, this is going to be Ashgabat’s time to shine and let its hair down. With the opening up to foreigners on a scale never seen before, locals are going to also enjoy some liberties they don’t normally get to experience. With so many Turkmens on the streets and at the events, foreigners will get a chance to interact with locals and even have a few drinks with them like never before.

The idea of a horse-shaped stadium gets you excited


The Olympic village in Ashgabat is impressive. Really impressive. We’ve been watching it slowly get larger for around 3 years now, and it has completely reshaped the city. The amount of effort and money that has gone into building these facilities puts any sporting mad world-class city to shame. The piece de resistance is the main new Turkmenbashi Olympic Stadium which actually has a roof shaped like a horse. Never before have we seen any stadium shaped like any animal, but if anywhere was going to do it, it’s Turkmenistan. All of the newest buildings have of course been built in keeping with Ashgabat’s neoclassical white marble look, but don’t worry you won’t get bored.

You’ve always been angry that playing computer games isn’t a sport.

Remember being a child, a teenager or just an immature adult, and thinking that playing FIFA on the Playstation should count as sport? Well, now computer games are. For the first time that we’ve ever heard of. Electronic sports will be an event at the Indoor Games. We haven’t been told which computer games will be included but we’re pretty excited to see people clicking the mouse quicker than when someone walks in on you looking at porn.

You’ve always wanted to go to a huge sporting event but don’t really care that much about sportAquatics Centre

The name says it all. The Indoor games; these aren’t exactly sports that usually get huge media attention, none of the spectacle on the pitch you’d expect from a football World Cup or the Olympics. But that’s the great thing, it’s not so much about the sport as about the spectacle that Turkmenistan and specifically Ashgabat will put on. The whole country has been preparing for this in a way not many places could imagine, everything is geared towards this event, and the opening ceremony will no doubt rival that of even most Olympic events, and certainly will make the half time show at the super-bowl look like a children’s school performance.

You’re scared of having your Turkmenistan Visa rejected or have been rejected before.

One reason many people do not to go Turkmenistan is because there is a high chance you could have your Letter of Invitation (LOI) rejected. It’s pretty common for us to have people who just aren’t willing to commit to a trip that there’s a chance they will never be able to go on. For the Asian Indoor Games, the Turkmenistan government have stated they really want to encourage everyone to come and watch, to be part of the festival it will no doubt be. Therefore they are accepting applications even from people who have been rejected before and they’ve promised to have an extremely high approval rate so that they can get bums on seats.

What are you waiting for?

Join us this year in Turkmenistan

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