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Transiting Fiji with Young Pioneer Tours

Erstwhile and experienced travellers of an every passport stamping variety will often point out that Fiji is not actually one of the least visited countries in the world.

As it turns out we are fully aware of this, but alas as part of Least Visited Countries Tour going through Fiji, New Zealand and Australia is quite inevitable. So, we make the most of it.

Fiji to Tuvalu and Beyond

Outside of New Zealand and Australia, Fiji is a tourist and a flight hub, currently having the only connection to Tuvalu, as well as further afield to Samoa and Tonga.

Amazingly we have managed to have just one night here, and 3 days, which we feel is quite the achievement, BUT also we actually really like Fiji.

One night in Nadi, or Suva?

Given a choice we would do Suva as it is direct to Funafuti, but without this option are more than happy to do a night out in Nadi. Nadi has the best airport, the best airport hotels, beaches and a thumping nightlife.

So, what do YPT do in Nadi? We offer a trip to the beach, but also for those that need it a free day to look at temples, wash clothes, buy medicine, or simply pig out. Nadi has a McDonald’s and a Burger King – yes those two things travellers are supposed to say they hate but actually like every now and again.

Nightime Nadi

Nighttime Nadi is what Fiji with Young Pioneer Tours is all about though, with us hitting up a great Fijian restaurant for local food and of course Kava, which we had freshly tried in Nauru.

Cocktails were also an accompaniment, before we headed back to our hotel, be it rooms, or the 24 hour bar ready for the 4.30 start.

For Fiji with Young Pioneer Tours was now suspended as we headed to check out Tuvalu as part of the Least Visited Countries Tour.

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