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DMZ Day Tour Extension

We are now offering the chance to extend your Ultra Budget group tour in North Korea with our DMZ Day Tour Extension. Our day tour down to the DMZ (Panmunjom), Kaesong City and Sariwon City extension. Whilst you’re visiting North Korea why not take this time to visit the exact area where officials from both North and South Korea meet to exchange talks.

The DMZ is strictly a no man’s land which divides the Korean peninsula into two nations. With landmines, high concrete walls, tank traps and soldiers guarding this area 24/7, it is dubbed the tensest border in the world. Panmunjom is the only area where tourists from both North and South Korea are allowed to visit with access to the UN owned “blue hut” which gives you the advantage of technically standing in both Koreas at once.

During this extension, you’ll have the chance to visit Kaesong city, the closest North Korean city to the DMZ where you’ll have lunch, Panmunjom (DMZ) area, and Sariwon City – a city located halfway between Pyongyang and Kaesong.

Tour cost – 1 person €239, 2-5 persons €195 per person


Day 1


  • Breakfast in Pyongyang and drive down to Kaesong City (2 and a half hours) stopping for a quick rest and refreshments on the way at a local tea house
  • Visit Panmunjom DMZ Village – see the DMZ and conference rooms where the armistice agreement was signed that ended the Korean War. You will be guided by your very own Korean People’s Army officer – pictures with the officer is allowed
  • Koryo Museum- the oldest university in Korea and now a converted museum of local history. Located next door is the best propaganda and stamp/postcard shop in the DPRK


  • Lunch at a local restaurant in Kaesong City – try your hand at traditional Korean Pansangi – a series of dishes served in bronze bowls. (Option extra – dog meat soup or as the locals call it sweet soup for 5 euros per person)
  • Drive 30 minutes to visit the Tomb of King Kongmin – the only original tomb to still be standing in the DPRK
  • Drive to Sariwon City (1 and a half hours) – this city is the capital of North Hwanghae province. Here you’ll explore a local folklore park and walk up the tallest hill in the city for an incredible panoramic view of the city. There’s a local stall nearby where you’ll be able to try some local Makkoli drinks
  • Continue driving back to Pyongyang stopping at the Reunification Monument for an explanation of the Three Charters of Reunification – a fantastic photo opportunity too
  • Dinner and drinks at a local restaurant in Pyongyang
  • Overnight at the Sosan Hotel

Day 2


  • Option 1 (included): Depart Pyongyang at 10:25 am on the train back to China and enjoy the peaceful countryside of the DPRK. You will arrive at Dandong Railway Station at 4:30pm.
  • Option 2: €350 – €370 extra per person – flight from Pyongyang Airport to Beijing Capital Airport. Please check flight schedule with us to confirm times.