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Explaining the newest Mass Games to hit Pyongyang this September

With murmurs of reunification following the recent meeting between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In and the upcoming summit with Donald Trump, it’s been a huge year for the DPRK so far. As you may have heard, the world-famous Mass Games are confirmed to return to Pyongyang after a five-year hiatus, returning to the DPRK’s largest stadium, the 150,000 capacity May Day Stadium in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Grand National Day this September.

Mass Games

Not to be confused with a Mass Dance, the Mass Games is the Guinness Book of Records approved “largest gymnastic and artistic performance in the world.” First performed in 2002, the Arirang Mass Games featured over 100,000 participants in a 90-minute display of gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, and dramatic performance. Together with music and other effects, coming together wrapped in a highly politicized and synchronized package.

With the name “Arirang” referring to undoubtedly the most famous Korean folk song depicting the tale of two lovers, as well as the name of the last Mass Games, this was the piece of music played at the recent Pyeongchang Winter Olympics which saw both North and South Korean athletes walk under a unified Korean flag.

For the Mass Games 2019 return, the DPRK will be focusing on a brand new show titled “Bright Fatherland” (빛나는 조국), inspired by the musical piece of the same name as performed by everyone’s favourite DPRK group the Moranbong Band as seen here.

With large celebrations such as Military Parades and in this case, the Mass Games happening on national holidays every consecutive five years (i.e. the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th anniversaries, etc) it’s unknown whether ‘Bright Fatherland’ or any Mass Games will take place again in 2019 and beyond. Don’t miss your chance to witness the return of a brand new Mass Games performance this September!

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