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Founding of Havana, Cuba: El Templete

Havana is looking forward to its 500th birthday, which will take place in 2019.

el templete
The city of Havana was originally found some 50 miles away from its present location on the south coast of Cuba. But, after years the residents tired of living in a mosquito-infested swamp and moved to the current location which had a much more pleasant situation.

In the fashion of those days, after the best spot had been chosen, a Catholic mass was held under a tree and there was then a meeting of the new town council. This marked the foundation of the city. Ever since then, at midnight on 15th November, citizens and visitors have headed to the same tree* where the city was founded, now known as El Templete.

They walk around the tree three times and make a wish for the coming year.

*tree may have been replaced once or twice in the intervening centuries…

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