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DPRK (North Korea) Travel Advice and Update

Dear Pioneers,

We’re sure most of you are aware about the recent news and rumours that are coming through from the DPRK (North Korea). YPT would like to update you on not only what we know, but what our plans are for upcoming tours.

Firstly, there are very strong rumours coming from both in and outside the country from both our contacts, and the contacts of other companies, that the country will again be open to tourists from April 1st 2015. We feel this information to be reliable, and are very much planning business as usual from this date. That being said, as strong as the rumours are, they are as of yet unconfirmed by the government, and until that moment nothing can be presented as a certainty.

What has been confirmed is that the marathon has been cancelled for foreigners. Again this is something completely out of our control. It is our plan to still run all tours planned during this period, with our ideal situation being that we would organize a substitute amateur fun run. In the event of this not being possible we would organize suitable and fun events to take its place.

Aside from the fact that the marathon tour would involve you being some of the first people in the country, keep in mind that YPT are one of the leading experts in the field of travel to the DPRK, and we will ensure that you have a wonderful time. In this respect our reviews speak for themselves.

Finally, whilst we will always do the best for our customers, and enjoy fabulous relations in the country, we are still under the same restrictions as all of the other companies and do not control DPRK policy.

We sincerely hope you understand that we are doing everything that we can and promise that as information comes in, that you will always be the first to know, and we hope to see you all sooner rather than later.

Kind regards,


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