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Detwah Beach – The Best in Socotra

Socotra is an island paradise almost unrivaled. Yes there are places like Palawan and the Maldives, but not only has Socotra not been discovered, or developed, but the amazing scenery around it makes the beaches even more special. On the top of this list, for us at least is Detwah Beach and Lagoon.

Background to Socotra

We won’t go all too heavy on this subject, as we have covered it before, but Socotra is an island owned by either the Republic of Yemen, or the Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen, depending on where you sit on things.

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Far from the Yemeni mainland it is technically part of Africa and quite frankly a tropical paradise that has largely remained untouched, particularly from the bitter war in Yemen, or Yemen Civil War – should we decide to ignore the huge amount of outside players.

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Being a tropical island means that it has amazing beaches, yet it is not the beaches that predominantly attract people, but rather the weird nature, such as the Dragons Blood Trees and other places that make it look frankly alien. The beaches of Socotra though cannot be ignored…

The Beaches of Socotra

Socotra is quite literally surrounded by beaches, wit them of Cours being of varying standards. Some have rocks rather than sand, others have lagoons, parts are more suited to fishing, while others are so rocky they will pretty much slice your feet if you try to get in.

Many though are frankly amazing and could go toe to toe with the best in the world, yet they are not developed. Why is this? Well one could give a number of answers to this, but there are many factors, such as the weather in the windy season, a want to protect the environment, cultural reasons as well as sheer logistics.

This does though mean that for the time being at least the place remains a tropical paradise that is authentic and unspoiled. Again this means there are lots of nice beaches on the island, but the best beach in Socotra is Detwah Beach.

Why is Detwah Beach the best in Socotra?

Located within walking distance of Qalansiya the second largest settlement in Socotra, Detwah Beach and Lagoon has the blessing of a great location. It is but 45 minutes from Hadibu, but also utilizes its location by being near the fish markets of the nearby town and thus the delivery of fresh food.

The backdrop to Detwah beach is mountains, as well as sand dunes with you being able to take the 20-30 minute walk along to the huge lagoon, which while not all the impressive creates a big protected area that is perfect for camping, as well as making a beach BBQ at.

What makes Detwah beach so special though is that this is true untouched paradise with the beach itself and surroundings looking like they could be part of a movie. Yet while all this is happening it lacks all the “bad” things that people often associate with such a place, be it hawkers, litter, or just that overdone and saturated feeling. Yes there are no Pina Coladas on Detwah Beach, but if you are looking for actual real beach escapism then this is simply the jackpot.

Fishing and swimming at Detwah beach

Aside from the pristine beach here, it is also the sea that plays a staring role. Not only can one see fish of all colors, but also dolphins and thankfully a distinct lack of dead pufferfish, which so litter other parts of Socotra island.

This is also one o the main fishing places within the island, with Qalansiya not only essentially being a fishing village, but also the centre for boat trips to Shuaab, perhaps the second best beach on the island, as well as being ground zero for people doing fishing trips within Socotra. So, while this is no Ibiza, it is defiantly the best beach in Socotra and from our humble opinion at least one of the best in the world.

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