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Guide to Dandong Airport

The Dandong Langtou Airport, famous for its flights from Beijing and Shanghai, reopened on the 30th of January 2019. The airport had been closed for the majority of 2018, following undergoing renovations to the terminal, and the runway is now back in use.

How Can You Get to Dandong Airport?

The Airport is not exactly a bustling metropolis, and as things currently stand, you can only get to and from Langtou Airport in Dandong via Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing.

Are There International Flights From Dandong Airport?

In 2017 there were briefly flights from Dandong to Pyongyang, alas these only lasted for a couple of months before closing due to “market forces.” It has been known for North Korean travel companies, such as ourselves, to charter flights from Dandong to Pyongyang.

Currently, there are no flights to or from South Korea, but they have at times, existed.

What Is the History of Dandong Langtou Airport?

Well, we would not usually cover the history of the airport, but this one was built and used extensively during the Korean War, with Anlung Airfield being used for the protection of the Yalu River and the supply lines helping the North Koreans in Sinuiju fight the Americans. By March 1951, the PLAAF had at least 75 MiG-15s based at Antung and was known as MIG Alley.

Dandong Airport is still dual use with the Chinese Air Force, should the Yankees decide to come back……

Where is Dandong Airport?

Tangchi, Zhenxing District, or as we call it Dandong New District, which will be convenient if they ever finish the “new” Dandong – Sinuiju bridge. This is about 45 minutes from the downtown and the main crossings between Dandong and Sinuiju.

This is about 45 minutes from the downtown and the main crossings between Dandong and Sinuiju.

But I Don’t Want to Fly to Dandong!

No worries! We travel between Beijing and Dandong on the overnight K27/K28 train or the fast train between Dalian, Shenyang, Beijing and Shanghai. Or if you are really gluten for punishment, the ever fun Chinese Long-Distance Bus!

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