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Currency of Tuvalu

What is the currency of Tuvalu? The short answer is that Tuvalu uses the Australian dollar as its legal tender. There are though still a few points of interest when it comes to dealing with currency in Tuvalu.

The Tuvalu Dollar

In fact the Australian dollar isn’t the actual official currency of Tuvalu, the official currency is the Tuvalu dollar – currency code TVD.

The Tuvalu dollar is pegged at a 1-1 parity with the Australian Dollar. Tuvalu does not in fact print its own banknotes though. This means that the Tuvalu Dollar is merely used as a unit of account for international trade, therefore the Australian Dollar is the de facto currency of the country.

Previous currencies of Tuvalu

During British colonial times, pounds sterling were used and during the American occupation of the islands during World War 2 the US Dollar was the currency of Tuvalu.

Tuvaluan coins

Tuvalu makes its own coins and these circulate freely with Australian coins. Much like the coins of the Sterling Zone (such as Gibraltar) these are technically not legal tender in Australia, but few people would likely refuse them in Oz.

The one dollar coin is particularly cool and has a turtle on the reverse of it.

Are there any ATMs in Tuvalu?

There really are not very many countries that do not have ATM machines, but Tuvalu is one of them. BRING CASH.

Can you change money in Tuvalu?

It is possible to exchange money at the airport, when it is open and has money (which is rarely), as well as at the national bank, which is next to the airport. The exchange rates in Tuvalu tend to not be very good at all.

Are credit cards accepted in Tuvalu?

Credit cards are not accepted anywhere in Tuvalu. Bring Australian Dollars!

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