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Cuba Travel Update – October 2020

Cuba’s President and Prime Minister have announced that from Monday 13 October, most of the country will move to the ‘new normal’. This includes allowing international tourists into the country.

This means that tourists will be able to visit most parts of the country for the first time since April.

Significant restrictions will remain in place. Most significantly tourists will not be able to fly to or visit Havana for the time being. Two other provinces of the country also remain off-limits.

Arriving tourists will also have to undergo a COVID-19 test and remain in their accommodation until the results are available.

Cuba has been rather successful at containing the virus, but this has come at great economic and social cost to the country. Cubans will be very glad to see foreign visitors returning to the island.

At the moment there is no indication when the remainder of the country will open to tourism. The Cuban government does not generally speculate on or give much advance notice of such matters.

YPT hopes to run a tour to Cuba in early December, provided the restrictions have been lifted sufficiently to allow for this. Do please contact us if you would like to be kept up to date about this.