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Cuba Travel Update – November 2020

As of November 2020, all of Cuba’s international airports are fully open again, and receiving passengers from all over the world.

The catch is that there is a mandatory self-isolation period of approximately one week on arrival.

Scheduled flights are now arriving in Cuba from Europe, the USA and Canada. Arriving passengers will be given a mandatory PCR Covid test, cost USD $30. They will then be required to self-isolate in their accommodation for around one week. During this time the visitor is supposed to stay indoors in their accommodation; however guests may be received. Checks will be made to make sure that the rules are being complied with.

After 5–7 days health personnel will visit to carry out a second Covid test; once this has been processed (and a negative result given) the visitor will be free to leave their accommodation and travel around as normal.

Whilst we have heard of people ignoring the official restrictions and travelling around Havana and Cuba without any problem. We can’t recommend this, both from the point of view of being a responsible citizen in times of pandemic, and because of the risk of penalties for breaking the rules.

The isolation period is reduced to just 1 day for people staying in a beach resort hotel. After this, guests are free to use all the hotel facilities. So, an option would be to pass the isolation period on the beach and then be free to travel around the country.

YPT will be happy to arrange private Cuba tours for visitors. Do please contact us if you are interested in this, or would like to be kept up to date about the situation in Cuba.