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Colour and Creativity – Travelling to Somaliland

I’ve photographed some beautiful countries over the years but I have never come across a land quite so unique and colourful as Somaliland. For anyone who has never heard of it, Somaliland is a self declared independent republic in the horn of Africa. It has been a beacon of peace and stability for 25 years in a region not exactly famed for it. This makes it an ideal foray for the adventurous yet safety conscious traveler.

From stepping out of the wonderfully dated arrivals building at Hargeisa international to the fish shops that line Berbera harbour, the country holds beautiful imagery around every corner, and that’s before one starts even looking at the friendly locals.

What is particularly striking about the place is its facades – every shop front is hand painted in their own unique style making a stroll down main street a photographers dream. Take a look:


Beautiful scenery, friendly people, huge celebrations, and rarely-travelled destinations:

Join us in Somaliland this year.


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