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China relax entry to foreigners – but there’s a catch

China relax entry to foreigners – but there’s a catch. Around 10 embassies have announced that they will be streamlining the visa application for foreigners wishing to come, or return to China. To qualify you will have had to have received the Covid-19 vaccine, and not just any vaccine. The vaccine has to have been China produced.

Sadly, and whilst this is a very positive move, in reality it means that very few people are going to be given the opportunity to go to China. The countries that are vaccinating the quickest are not using the Chinese vaccine, whilst the countries that are, are hardly doing it at breakneck speed.

What have they said?

As of today people wishing to travel to China on business and applying from 10 countries and territories can apply for Chinese business visas, under “normal circumstances”, AKA pre-Covid requirements.

Aside from business visas and of equal interest is that China will also allow for the application of family reunification visas for those who have been vaccinated.

What does this actually mean?

It means that things are at least starting to change and that although the catchment area for people who qualify is small, changes are being made. As things stand the countries that are using the Chinese vaccine are mainly situated in South-East Asia and East Asia. By implementing a limited “travel passport” on a regional basis it is hoped that should it be successful vaccines from other countries with also be given recognition. This would thus lead to vaccinated people being able to travel again.

Another note to those of you who are real anti-vaccine, get used to not traveling much.

When can I go to China then?

Assuming you’ve had the vaccine, and have business, and or family in the PRC then pretty much right away. If not, just be patient and wait, like the rest of us.

China relax entry to foreigners – that in itself is a good start.

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