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The Chernobyl Guide

The Chernobyl Guide

The Chernobyl exclusion zone that spreads across Ukraine and Belarus and its ghost city of Pripyat was once a gem in the crown of the Soviet Union, today they stand as an eerie reminder of the consequences of nuclear disasters. Despite being an irradiated shell of its former glory, Chernobyl is beautiful, fascinating and unique in regards to its flora and fauna. The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and surrounding areas are safe to visit. The levels of radiation on guided tours are very small; radiation levels in most places are less than those of a trans-Atlantic flight.

Reserved for the most adventurous of travelers, the exclusion zone boasts the chance to experience a Soviet world trapped in 1986, it’s inhabitants now replaced with the animals of Chernobyl who have slowly taken over the abandoned areas and found a radioactive paradise for themselves. Inside you can explore shipwrecks, abandoned military bases, cities, and gigantic radar systems which once acted as a safeguard against nuclear warfare during the cold war and much more. Chernobyl today is now the poster child for what is often termed “dark tourism”.

We have been safely taking people into the Zone for over eight years. We understand that a visit to Chernobyl is a bucket list travel item for many clients and we ensure an experience that doesn’t disappoint. We work together with trusted local contacts who have been guiding tours around the zone for almost a decade and know it inside and out. Their stories from life around Chernobyl never fail to fascinate. We tailor-make all of our trips and ensure the ultimate, isolated, nuclear wasteland adventure that you won’t get on generic group tours.